Backminds Fans of magic.

We are a strategic product development agency for full-stack services and apps, with a passion for Clojure & iOS. While based in Stockholm we're remote-work magicians

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The backmind powerhouse

We named our company after identifying a curious tendency that occurred in projects that in hindsight went really well.

It seems that there is a sweet spot between doing a project very quickly and doing it very thoroughly, where if enough time is given to the "back of the mind", it can be allowed to work on interesting things even between working hours. While the "focus-mind" is busy with life in general, the backmind can solve more complex problems that often need the help of the open-oriented and holistic (but somewhat shy) right hemisphere.

You surely have experienced coming up with new ideas or great solutions in the shower, while running, lying in the hammock, or doing something else that's orthogonal to active thinking. This can be used more intentionally as well, to great benefit.

Combining skill, taste, and experience with this more rarified "explicit offline problem-solving" perspective during projects – that's some of what we can bring to your table.

This is our favorite toolbox right now

When thinking strategy, we love the Shape Up philosophy and best-practices.
For developing new services and apps, we lean heavily on Clojure and Swift.
Design & UX
When designing we prefer Figma, and using Tailwind CSS for the web.
Product development
Brainstorming is very fluid using Miro and Roam, by ourselves or in a large distributed team.

Past experience

Apart from our current experience, we have also had our past. It describes a rich and motley crue of people, projects, and passions.

You might notice we don't show splashy logos of all the awesome brands we've helped, like many agencies in our field. We value privacy and like to keep our commitments close between us and our customers, then let our reputation flow through word of mouth instead. This is our favourite kind of marketing, giving us peace of mind and deep and honest relationships with the people we work with.

We would of course be happy to discuss details of our projects with you in private (when possible).

Here is a curated list of some past projects and organisations we have helped and/or are angel investors in

  • Helping people to save money for their dreams, and live within their means.
Food & nutrition
  • Nootropic and delicious beverages for the discriminate millennial.
Gaming & mixed reality
  • Fun and simple pocket gaming back when the iPhone was in its infancy.
Health & medtech
  • Helping people eat healthier and lead a better life.
  • Making primary care more impactful by gathering intelligence and insights through deep integration into medical hospital systems.
  • Your doctor, at home. Like in the old days.
  • Medical literature for the developing world, and for all the other worlds too, delivered digitally.
Intelligent infrastructure
  • The next generation of intelligent building platforms made possible by digital twins and cloud-scale systems, with the apps and UIs to make them readily available to people.
  • Patented inventions to make building high-rise buildings both cheaper, more sustainable, and more beautiful.
  • Playing the right music at the right time in the right place, assisted by the best human-schooled AI curation on the market.
Process & project management
  • Optimise business processes and reduce waste for organisations large and small.
  • Increasing personal safety and preventing crime through intelligent data gathering and analysis, with a focus on privacy and social impact.
  • Seek happiness and find meaning through a global meeting place of minds, with coaching from leading-edge psychologists and spiritual teachers, mediated through a simple and beautiful app.
  • A pioneering social meeting platform – not just dating – from the dawn of the smartphone, based on psychometrics like MBTI and with advanced location based features to make social serendipity possible and fun.
Sustainability & green tech
  • Intelligent charging infrastructure for the electric car revolution.
  • Make informed investment decisions for your pension funds, to avoid money going to the wrong places.
Transportation & industry
  • Sanitation and hospitality taken to the digital age.
  • Helped design the next-generation automotive UI for one of Europe's leading car brands.
  • Better UIs for people queuing management.

Our products

Working with clients on interesting projects is where we cut our teeth, and we still love it.

But we have also found ways to express our creativity by creating our own products. And it often begins with scratching our own itch.

These two are the ones we're most excited about right now.

About us

Who are Backminds?

Some more of what drives us


Sure, we are only a couple of youngish Swedes with kids and a dog, one guy named Henrik and another named Oskar. But with our long and rich experience of working in projects large and small, for startups, small/medium businesses and enterprise, doing rapid prototyping, domain driven design, business development, product strategy, UX/interaction & service design, and full-stack coding in a broad set of languages, we can quickly plug in as part of your team and talk to anyone from non-technical business-focused people to core backend developers and machine learning analysts. All to help discover a great and fitting solution and then execute on it.

Remote work

Oskar and Henrik are based in Stockholm, a lovely city in the north of Europe, and home to great product companies like Spotify and Dreams.

We prefer working remotely, and have a great setup and many decades of combined experience doing so. If you're fresh to remote work, we'll be delighted to guide you along as part of the onboarding process.

If being IRL is truly critical, which it sometimes is – especially in the beginning phase of a relationship – we can either travel to you or welcome you here to our town. We'll make sure you have a great time off-work as well.


We’ve always been fans of magic. And our goal is that afterwards you will think back and feel there was something magical about working together.

Arthur C Clarke said:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

We agree, and we employ some magical tools in our toolbox to help make the best of our projects. Among these can be found

  • Clojure and ClojureScript: code as data, immutability and Lisp
  • The Datomic database: a graph database without boundaries
  • Miro: for doing magic leaps around abstract concepts and information
  • Figma: for quick prototyping and finished UI designs
  • SwiftUI: to code lovely native apps for iOS


We love being part of the open source ecosystem, and the global community of creators, thinkers and technologists.As a collective it is a constant inspiration to us, and we consider it of immense benefit to mankind and society.

Since we are fortunate enough to be of (relatively) good financial standing, and we think it's both a professional duty and a personal privilege to put our money where our mouths are, we proudly support these fine people and organisations among others


These are a few of the people and things that most inspire us right now

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